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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Graffitier is a new social app that lets you tag text, photo or video to your location to be shared with users who are or will be around those locations.
Use Graffitier to tag your special moments on places around you, express yourself and leave a mark on the world around you, or just explore and live others’ moments around you.
About Application
Tap on the posting button in the main screen, select your post type - Text, Pic or Video, and simply share your post. The App will automatically tag your post to your current location.
All posts are public, which means people near your area and people following you can see your posts.
Tap on explore button in the main screen. The App will show you all posts around you in one screen.
Go to the SETTINGS option and look for the ACCOUNT option there. Under ACCOUNT, click the ‘Change Password’ option and you can set your new password there.
Our services are not available to persons under 13. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy at the following link: http://graffitier.com/Terms.aspx
Please check that you have a good Internet connection and your phone’s ‘Sound & Notification’ settings are configured properly.
Unlike most of the other Social Networking apps, Graffitier does not require your phone number.
About Products
Graffitier app can be downloaded from both iTunes Store and Google Play Store. To download, please find the links below:
Go to the SETTINGS option. You will find SUPPORT there. Under SUPPORT, click ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Report a Problem’ option to send an email regarding your issue to support@graffitier.com.
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